N2N Connect Berhad acquires Hong Kong-based AFE Solutions Limited

A strategic acquisition to boost market trading services expansion in Asia and closer to the next level of globalisation.

Kuala Lumpur, 7 April 2017 – N2N Connect Berhad, one of Malaysia’s largest provider of online real time trading platform for capital markets, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its regional presence with the acquisition of Hong Kong-based financial data and trading solutions provider AFE Solutions Ltd. This acquisition combines core technologies from leaders in the field of Capital and Financial Market. The comprehensive and extensive coverage of solutions extends beyond boarders; connecting with today’s demanding and competitive clients to multi-exchange, assets classes and multi-currency settlements. N2N Connect enables clients with class statures and prestige of ‘Moving Towards Asia’s Largest Trading Hub’.


“When we incorporate the company in year 2000, we aspired to become Asia Largest one stop service provider in the investment financial Industry”, said Andrew Tiang, Managing Director of N2N Connect Berhad, “AFE acquisition is a strategic step to help fulfil that Mission.”


N2N's next bold step is to facilitate the formation of Asia Largest Trading Hub, enabling Brokers, fund managers and even retail investors with direct access to trade multiple assets class directly across multiple exchanges, in their very own native languages.


Rob Agnew, the newly appointed CEO of AFE Solutions Limited said, "We are delighted to be a part of the N2N Connect family and to start an exciting chapter of development for AFE, as one of Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Vietnam's leading financial technology companies with its strengths in market data and trading technologies.” He believes that they will complement the ASEAN coverage to be one of the leading trading platform providers.


购港数据与交易方案供应商 联圣扩大区域业务

(吉隆坡6日讯)电子证券交易解决方案供应商联圣(N2N Connect Bhd)已完成以1860万美元或8240万令吉,收购香港金融数据与交易解决方案供应商亚富资讯科技有限公司(AFE Solutions Ltd),将业务足迹扩大至香港。


联圣董事经理Andrew Tiang表示:“当我们在2000年成立这家公司时,我们立志成为亚洲最大的投资金融业一站式服务供应商。” 他补充:收购AFE是实现这使命的一个策略步骤。




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