In this day and age keeping up with Financial Markets is easy. Let us show you how our real time trading platform can work for you.

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Flexibility is important when accessing up-to-date information on the market. Without the need to download any applications or plug-ins you can use any browser device to get the latest information.

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Mobility, stability and accessibility to access global markets from any mobile device. Let us help you keep ahead of financial market developments while you are on the move. Take advantage of market opportunities with our intuitive mobile application.

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TCMarket Maker


Market Maker fully supports the life cycle of ETF products, from issuance to market making and able to quote on multiple depths

N2N Market Maker system includes specially built and customized API and STP modules as well as the firm’s risk requirements deployed real time and seamlessly.

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Pair trading is a market neutral strategy that performs well under any market circumstance of uptrend, downtrend and congestion.

Our solution allows the user to selected multi-market and multi-asset instrument options to form their basket. At the blink of an eye the analysis is completed and optimised.

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A financial institution back office system that can settle multi market, asset and currencies.

We are GST compliant.

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