A financial institution back office system that can settle multi market, asset and currencies.

No broker deals the same

An agile, highly scalable system that provides speed and efficiency across markets and instruments, helping you serve investors in the global capital marketplace.


Offers multi-market and trading venue support. Handles multi-currency charges, exchange fees, introducing brokers fees, commissions, taxes.


Netting, clearing, smart settlement routing, pre-settlement matching and inventory management. Provides stock and cash balances across all caches, global and local custodians.

Other key features of TCBOS include:

Integrated with Technical Charting & World Class Fundamentals.

Route order simultaneously to various exchanges: BM, BMD, CME, SGX, IDX, SET, PSE, ASX, HKeX and more.

Trade any Domestic and Overseas financial assets from a single platform.

Your Financial Strategy Management, in good hands.

Helping you creating custom strategies, backtest and automate real-time monitoring more effectively. Use it today!

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