Mobility, stability and accessibility to access global markets from any mobile device. Take advantage of market opportunities with our intuitive mobile application.


If you are on the move and need to stay informed of capital market developments. We have the solution for you. Apple or Android we can provide you with multi lingual news, real time market prices.

Never miss an opportunity

TCMobile gives you instinctive handling and powerful charting features so that you can make an informed trade without compromise from anywhere.

Other key features of TCMobile include:

Integrated with Technical Charting & World Class Fundamentals.

Route order simultaneously to various exchanges: BM, BMD, CME, SGX, IDX, SET, PSE, ASX, HKeX and more.

Trade any Domestic and Overseas financial assets from a single platform.

Your Financial Strategy Management, in good hands.

Helping you creating custom strategies, backtest and automate real-time monitoring more effectively. Use it today!

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